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As Chief Development Officer of SJRC Texas, Cynthia oversees all the activities associated with donor relations, fundraising, community relations, and marketing. Cynthia is responsible for the overall development of fundraising, promotion of the organization to donors, public awareness of the organization, and building relationships within the community – all to advance the mission of SJRC Texas, and to help the organization remain sustainable.

Cynthia brings nearly 12 years of experience in fundraising, public relations, marketing, and event management. She worked for 8 years as a Community Relations Manager for a local college and served as Regional Director for a local non-profit. During this time, she also served as the Director of San Antonio Fashion Week and was a featured guest on the “San Antonio Rising Stars” radio show. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Management with a specialization in Business from the University of Incarnate Word, and a Master of Arts and Administration degree in Organizational Development. Cynthia earned both of those degrees as a Cum Laude graduate and a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society. Cynthia is a current Ambassador for the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Hispanic Business Alliance of New Braunfels, a member of the 2019 Innovative Leadership Class of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Cynthia is the proud wife of Carlos, a Bexar County K9 Deputy, and together they share 4 children. Cynthia not only loves her children but has a love for all children; that is what pushes her to work hard every day in her role at SJRC Texas.