Regional Director

Job Title: Regional Director — New Braunfels Area

New Effective date: 06/01/2021

 Chief Operating Officer Revision date:


The Regional Director is responsible for the oversight and management of Belong Operations, Administrative and Program staff for specified Belong assigned location. The Regional Director will utilize his/her/their experience/training in direct service delivery, staff supervision, program, development and evaluation, budget development and financial management. The Regional Director will ensure compliance with established state and federal standard requirements within Belong.


• Provide direction, leadership, and supervision to staff to maximize efficiencies and professionalism
• Create an atmosphere of enthusiasm, commitment, teamwork, interdependence, and ethical behavior
• Prepare and manage budget for location
• Review data collection and analyze data to ensure financial and therapeutic outcomes and goals are met
• Ensure compliance with all licensing regulations, contract requirements, Therapeutic Framework requirements
• Conduct weekly management meetings
• Participate in PQI/Risk Management and Prevention Committee Meetings
• Develop and enforce consistently all Policies and Procedures
• Establish and maintain positive and professional relationships with community and placement agencies, government representatives and other vendors
• Work closely with COO and provide timely updates, reports, and recommendations
• Ensure data on all youth and children is complete and entered promptly into web-based software system
• Conduct performance management evaluations for direct reports by designated due date
• Ensure annual performance reviews are completed for each location employee by designated due date
• Instill a culture of continuous improvement for all employees
• Serve as a resource and support for other Program Directors within Belong


• Maintain in good standing all contracts and licenses – both governmental and private
• Supervise employees and meet training, continuing education, contract and licensing requirements
• Available on call 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
• Focus on continuous improvement, semi-annually assessing employee’s skill levels and quality of program service delivery
• Supervise and monitor established treatment procedures and develop new procedures for counseling, treatment planning and other program components
• Maintain a positive and professional relationship with licensing agencies and case workers
• Oversee documentation and communication of youth progress for dissemination to families, agencies, courts and other authorized parties
• Prepare reports/recommendations on admission/discharge of youth, program changes and critical incidents involving youth and staff
• Identify, develop, and maintain positive and professional relationships with support services (e.g., therapists, doctors, dentists, law enforcement, juvenile court personnel, school officials, emergency mental health professionals and community agencies)
• Be knowledgeable about best practices for Youth Care treatment external to SJRC
• Other related duties as assigned


  • Reports to the Chief Operating Officer of Belong


    Required • Bachelor’s in early childhood education, Social Work, Psychology or Related field • 3 Years in Child Care Based Field

    Preferred • Master’s in early childhood education, Social Work, Psychology or Related field • 5+ Years in Child Care Based Field

    • Valid State Driver’s License (Occupational licenses are not valid driver’s licenses), good driving record, ability to provide own transportation and proof of current auto insurance

General • CPR/First Aid Certification • SAMA Certification • Minimum age of 21 years per licensing standards

Professional • Licensed Child Care Administrator (LCCA) • Licensed Child Placement Agency Administrator (LCPAA)

• Body mobility to stoop, kneel, bend, reach, walk and walk briskly in order to interact with and monitor children

Physical Demands • Stamina to work long days and drive long distances • Moderate to heavy lifting to 60 pounds unassisted and up to 120 pounds or more with assistance
• Must have ability to communicate both verbally and in writing

Visual and • Must have ability to give and receive verbal and written instructions (with or without hearing aids)


Cognitive Demands • Must have ability to read fine print, have sustained vision and peripheral vision (with or without glasses)

Environmental Demands • Environment requires dexterity to remain calm and adapt to fast paced and emotional environments consisting of children with moderate to severe emotional and psychological needs • Home-like settings with varying moderate to high degrees of background noise. Light and ventilation are found in a typical home setting


Work Environment • Locations are smoke-free • Possibility of exposure to blood borne pathogens exists if universal precautions are not followed. (Hepatitis B inoculation available per request)


Possible hazards • Possible injury when lifting or moving (child or objects) if employee fails to use proper body mechanics, or if proper techniques are not used when the use of SAMA containment techniques are required

SJRC Texas Belong reserves the right to revise or change job duties, qualifications and standards as business requirements dictate. It is mutually agreed that the job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment. It is also understood that the company reserves the right to change work schedules as required, including overtime.

How we’re responding to COVID-19

  • SJRC Texas follows most current CDC guidelines

Job details


$75,000.00 annually

Job type



8 hour shift


Health insurance Paid time off Dental insurance401(k)Vision insurance Life insurance Disability insurance Referral program Professional development assistance Employee assistance program