Therapeutic Residential Foster Care

One of the hallmarks of our program is that we have the ability to keep large groups of siblings together!

SJRC Is Here to Help When You Need It

Because our program is able to meet the children where they are, we are able to work with a diverse population of youth who have varying forms of trauma. Some children are able to enter the program and assimilate quite quickly while others may need months or even years to learn how to regulate themselves in a more homelike environment. It is our goal that youth needing higher levels of care can move fluently within our continuum of care as their needs dictate, without suffering the traumatic effects of placement disruption. For example, some may start out in the program needing specialized care. This specialized care may include additional supervision, increased mental health services, and increased case management. Likewise, if a youth has made improvements in our program and is able to have more freedoms, we would be able to work with them to form appropriate relationships with their peers and in our own community.

For our older youth that are working towards aging out of foster care, we offer support as they attempt to navigate the real world. This support comes in the form of helping them fill out college admission paperwork, searching for an appropriate place to live, teaching them about their new transportation system, accumulation of their personal paperwork and most importantly the moral support a child deserves and the promise that SJRC will be there to help them when they need it.

SJRC Texas is able to offer the right level of care for children without sacrificing a stable family environment that we believe is so vital to their recovery.