Youth Impact 2022

  • 212,083 professional counseling minutes were conducted across our programs to help youth and families heal from trauma.
  • 150+ experiences provided to create a sense of normalcy for our youth. These experiences consisted of: Equine Therapy, Summer fun at Duncan Park Summer Camp, Chicktime events, attending the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, beach trips, Prom, and Graduation Parties.
  • Our Parent Educators conducted over 765 home and virtual visits, and served 86 families and a total of 103 children.
  • Nearly 90% of our families moved from high risk of abuse and neglect to a low risk of abuse and neglect.
  • Our Prevention Program worked with families to achieve 184 goals related to education, employment, child development, relationships, and family well-being.
  • 13 families had their CPS cases successfully closed with support of our Prevention Program
  • We worked with 103 individual licensed foster/adoptive homes.
  • 17 children were reunified with parents or other biological family members.

Our Stories

Alex S. graduated our Parents as Teachers Foundational 2 Program. He was selected as a State Board Representative for the Prevention and Early Intervention Parent Advisory Committee. Alex S. has been serving on our local PAT Parent Advisory Committee, volunteering with our Dads in Action program, and Fatherhood Initiative since graduating from our PAT Program. His goal is to bring to the forefront the challenges that dad’s face with “the system” in Texas. He recognizes that not all dads are blessed like he was with the outcome in court in receiving full custody of his daughter after his divorce. He wants Texas to lead the way in getting dads fair and equitable opportunities relating to child safety and custody.
Jasmine and her 18 month old son came to us through extended foster care as Jasmine needed additional support. In fact, she specifically asked to live at SJRC Texas because it "feels like home." Our passionate team members in prevention have worked with Jasmine to assure her and her son are set up for success by completing the Parents as Teachers program. In addition, through her drive and motivation from our dedicated team, Jasmine has since graduated high school from our onsite charter school. We are so proud of her resiliency and will power to achieve success for her and her family!

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