Meeting The Needs Of Our Most Precious Children. 

In April 2022, SJRC Texas’s campus was reimagined to serve as an integrative treatment center for our vulnerable youth. Touchstone is a short-term stabilization and assessment program utilizing Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), located on the SJRC Texas Bulverde Campus. Each youth has access to their treatment team that include professionals from various disciplines to include a case manager, psychologist, psychiatrists, therapist, education coordinator, medical professionals, and youth care administrators. The goal of the program is to help youth develop calming strategies that will address their fight/flight/freeze responses. 

Our Clinical Team.

We are bringing a multitude of experienced, trauma-informed clinicians to work with our vulnerable youth. Our clinical team consists of: Chief Clinical Officer Kirk Coverstone, Ph.D., James Castro, Dr. William Holmes, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist as Medical Director, UT Wellness 360 program providing primary care led by Dr. Cindy Sickora, Dr. Karen Schwab and Britany Lents. Family-based services to be provided by Chosen, Stonebridge Behavioral Health led by Dr. Mike Ghormley providing in-depth psychological evaluations, and individual therapy by Rod Roussett who has dedicated much of his career to treating foster youth. Over time, the list of collaborators will grow as we expand our reach, network with case managers, school personnel, family members and other contributors. 

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