Interested in Adopting or Fostering?

SJRC Texas is looking for individuals and families to open their homes and hearts to children in foster care and adoption. Becoming a foster or adoptive parent is a great way to help children in need, give back and strengthen the community. Foster families are individuals or families that provide a safe and loving place for foster children to live. They provide a normal living environment, help children build self-esteem, learn social skills and provide opportunities to create happy childhood memories. You also have the opportunity to give a child a forever home, through adoption.

Adopting Is Our Goal

Adoption is the goal for many children placed in foster care. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) requires all foster children to be placed in a foster home for a minimum of 6-months before they are eligible for adoption. SJRC Texas works with foster-to-adopt families during this time to prepare them for the adoption and is there every step of the way to guide the families through to the consummation of the adoption.

More Ways to Support

There are also many other ways to support our amazing children and their foster families. You can help to spread the word about our program, become trained and licensed to provide Respite Care or babysitting for our foster families or volunteer to provide other needed help and support to our foster families.

Things to Consider About Adoption

The Process



Our Outcomes

Thanks to your support, SJRC has been able to make an impact in our community. Explore some of our impacts and read more about the stories and their outcomes you’ve helped make possible…

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