How You Can Help

How You Can Help

At SJRC Texas we care for hundreds of youth in and from the Greater San Antonio and surrounding area every day. We care for the most vulnerable of children that have been removed from their homes from Department of Family and Protective Services, and give them the opportunity to heal from trauma they may have endured. These children are often the ones that you hear about on the news after a violent act has taken place towards them or their family member. Have you ever wondered where the children in these tragic situations go? They go to SJRC! We take these children in, care for all their needs, feed them, clothe them, and truly help them to heal from any trauma they have experienced in the past.

As we only receive 60% of funding from the state, we rely on help from the community to raise the additional 40%. The additional 40% we must raise totals to nearly 4 million dollars every year. This amount is what is needed to ensure our children and families are safe, have a home free of abuse and neglect and have opportunities to heal and thrive in a nurturing environment. There is no way we can raise this amount of money without your help and investment in our mission.

Without your investment and support we may not be able to provide care for the thousands of children who desperately need a safe place and a way out of an abusive home situation. Many will face further abuse or homelessness without help.

You can help SJRC change the lives of children and families affected by trauma and abuse by joining our village- with your investment we can stop the cycle of abuse with this generation and offer these children and families hope for a brighter future.

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